Kingsport Family Toilet Seat with Built-In Child Seat


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Kingsport is absolutely The BEST, combo adult/child toilet seat on the market (by far).

  • Fits all toilet brands*
  • Reduces bathroom clutter by eliminating a separate potty seat
  • Slow-Close adult seat and lid prevent pinched fingers and slamming
  • Quick-Release for better cleaning
  • Slip-resistant bumpers on seat & lid for stability
  • Heavier and thicker polypropylene, the most sanitary and stain-resistant toilet seat material
  • Solid color throughout, will not chip, peel or fade
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware holds seat firmly in place
  • Models available for Round & Elongated bowls

* Before you order, measure your toilet bowl to determine if you need a Round or Elongated toilet seat.

** Confirm your toilet seat color before ordering. Do not try to match images on your screen with your toilet since all screen cast colors differently.

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Kingsport Family Toilet Seat Overview

Kingsport Seat Features

  • Converts to a regular adult seat when potty training is over. (See video below)
  • 90° Quick-Release (no buttons) - Open the seat and lift up. (See video below)
  • Longer-lasting and more sanitary than painted wood.
  • Tested to 400 lbs (on seat and closed lid)

What's the Difference Between the Kingsport and Premium Family Toilet Seats?

The Premium Family Toilet Seat Has:

  • No magnet. Child seat stays down when the lid is opened.
  • Telescoping lid completely covers seat when closed. (Adult seat is more narrow 13-3/4" vs. 14-1/8" inches.)
  • Child seat has a wider opening 6-3/8" vs. 5" inches.
  • Slow Close x3 - child seat, lid and adult seat.

* Bath Royale toilets seats fit all toilets including those with non-standard mounting hole spacings (4.5 - 6.5 inches.).

NOTE: Bath Royale toilet seats are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BIDETS OR RISERS that install between seat and bowl.

*Toilets with concealed trapway (AKA, flat sides or skirted bowl) require top mount anchors (sold separately).

One Seat For the Whole Family! 

This convenient, highly functional potty training seat eliminates bathroom clutter including messy, urine-dripping toddler toilet seat ring or separate kids toilet seat. The Kingsport seat includes a magnet to keep the child seat attached to the main lid when the cover is lifted. Converts to a regular adult seat when potty training is over.

Stylish and long-lasting, this quiet, slow-close toilet seat is made of non-porous pure polypropylene, the most stain-resistant toilet seat material available. Bath Royale uses non-recycled polypropylene because it is stronger and produces a better finish than other plastic seats. The seat and lid are above average weight, thickness and tested to 400 pounds (on the seat and closed lid). The beautiful high-gloss will last for years with proper care and cleaning. Our polypropylene is softer and warmer to touch than other materials, but can scratch, so avoid abrasive cleaners and hard, sharp objects. Unlike painted wood seats, Bath Royale seats are a solid color throughout and will not chip, peel or fade. Stainless steel hardware is corrosion-resistant, extremely strong and keeps your seat firmly in place.

Lid and adult seat are slow-closing to prevent loud slamming, cracked toilets and pinched fingers.

Quick Release helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean! Simply open the seat and lift straight up. The seat immediately detaches giving you access to the nasty area between the mounting posts where urine, grime and odor-causing germs collect. Wipe the bowl clean and reattach seat.

Available in round and elongated sizes, measure your toilet bowl to ensure you order the correct size.

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