EX Hardware Kit (Extra Holding Power)

EX Kit

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For Bath Royale Toilet Seats Only. Models Premium (BR620/606, BR631B), Superior (BR644) and MasterSuite (BR283/237). Replaces other screws, inserts, nuts and washers.*

  • Holds toilet seat firmly in place.
  • Eliminates "wiggle room" (extra space in mounting holes and screw slots) which might cause seats to become loose over time. 
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel screws, washers and nuts.
  • Easy "top mount" installation - For toilets with "skirted" bowls, flat sides or concealed trapways (no access to wing nut or mounting hardware beneath seat mounting holes. 
  • Perfect for RV toilets, small spaces or non-standard toilet seat mounting holes (perfectly round and 5/8 inch diameter).
  • Includes Top Mount "Toggles" + Fixed Hole Washers

*NOTE: Use with mounting bases and caps included with your Bath Royale toilet seat.

Links to Installation Instructions (coming soon):

  • Top Mount Toggles
  • Fixed Hole Washers


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