Toilet Talk: Three things to know about toilet seat replacement

High Quality Toilet Seat Replacement

Independent shopper studies have shown the most common and affordable home improvement project for new movers is toilet seat replacement

“People move into a home or apartment and think, ‘I don't want to use someone else’s nasty (stained, unsightly, unsanitary) toilet seats in my bathrooms,’ so one of the first things they do is change them out,” said Mark Hillman, president of Bath Royale, online-exclusive producers of luxury bathroom accessories.

Hillman offers three insights into toilet seats and toilet seat replacement.

  1. You shouldn't clean a seat the same way you clean your bowl. Caustic chemicals, abrasive cleaners and a stiff brush can damage toilet seats.

  2. There’s a solution to the odor-causing urine and grime left around toilet hinges: Quick release toilet seats. All Bath Royale seats lift entirely off the toilet bowl, making it easy to wipe and clean thoroughly.

  3. People used to heavy, stiff wooden seats may think plastic is terrible. But high-quality plastics like polypropylene and Eurocast® are chemical and stain resistant, more durable and longer-lasting than wood. That’s also why you see plastic toilet seats in public restrooms and not wood ones.

“Bath Royale offers high performing products just as brands like Kohler, Toto and American Standard,” Hillman said. “But, we’re unique in that we’re a small, family-owned company based in Davidson, North Carolina, a charming college town just north of Charlotte,” he said.

Offering a limited selection of top-quality toilet seats allows Bath Royale to deliver personalized customer service, comprehensive product support and installation, and a warranty that’s double the industry standard.

More than 30 years of experience goes into the design and production of Bath Royale’s luxury bathroom products and accessories. Give your bathroom (and backside) an upgrade with one of our soft-close, quick-release toilet seats.