Seat Loose or Sliding Out of Position

If your seat is moving or sliding out of position, the problem is not the seat itself. The problem is that the mounting bases are not securely fastened to your toilet. 95+% of the time, this problem is due to a part or installation issue which can easily be fixed. NOTE: If your seat has been loose for a while, it is likely that urine and/or cleaning chemicals are under the mounting bases causing them to slip like soap on a ceramic floor. Simply tightening the screws will not solve the issue. It is necessary to remove the seat and parts, rinse and dry the bottoms of the mounting bases and use a little Windex (or any glass cleaner) around the mounting holes in your toilet to get the mounting surface squeaky clean.

Watch the video to help troubleshoot installation issues.

IMPORTANT: Confirm that you have all parts (mounting hardware) before reinstalling. Parts and installation instructions vary by model. If you don't know your model, please check your paperwork, order history or photos and descriptions. Our website has detailed installation instructions that you can download and print. A complete list of parts is on page 3 of the installation instructions.

Need Installation Instructions? ExecutivePremiumPremium FamilySuperior, MasterSuite

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Cone-Shaped Split Wing Nut Issue

Most seats include cone-shaped split wing nuts. If not threaded properly, these wing nuts may strip or break. DO NOT turn the wing nuts. The wing nuts are designed to be self-holding with a large wing on one side. When the large wing contacts the side of most bowls, it prevents turning so you can fully tighten from the top with a screwdriver. 

The cone-shaped split wing nuts work on "wedge" principal. For the wedge to work, the tips of the wing nut must be centered in the underside of the mounting hole for final tightening. In most cases, the tips will center themselves, but if the screw is off-center (resting against the side of the hole), it may be necessary to move the wing nut around (while pushing upward) until you feel the tips slip into the hole. While holding the wing nut in place, turn the screw a few times to engage the threads and tighten. You should be able to tighten the screws VERY FIRMLY. When properly tightened, the wedge principal is very effective in holding your seat in place.

Split Wing Nut (Video)

Watch the split wing nut troubleshooting video.


NOTE: We recently re-tooled the split wing nuts with deeper threads, closer tips and stronger material. Replacement wing nuts are available and are highly unlikely to strip or break.

NOTE: If the mounting holes in your toilet are not industry standard, perfectly round and 5/8 inch in diameter, we recommend using either our "Original" mounting hardware or new "Toggle" top mount hardware.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Toilet Seat Feels Loose or Jiggles Slightly

When lifting or opening the seat or cover, a slight jiggle is normal. This small amount of play is due to the design of Quick Release mechanism which makes seat removal and cleaning very easy. The mounting bases are the foundation of your seat. If installed correctly, the mounting bases will remain steadfast (no movement) and firmly attached to the toilet bowl. The seat attaches to rigid, stainless steel mounting posts which are molded/welded into the mounting bases. Both sides of the seat should remain locked onto the mounting posts until the Quick Release mechanism is unlocked (unlock method varies by seat model).

How much jiggle is normal? When no one is seated and the lid is closed, the seat and/or lid might move slightly left or right if you push them, but no more than 1/4 inch at the front of the bowl. When a person is seated, polypropylene seats will flex a little, but there should be no more than ¼ inch movement from side to side if/when someone shifts their weight.

Rear Seat Bumpers Do Not Touch

Most people don’t notice, but the rear seat bumpers usually do not touch the toilet bowl until a person is seated. This gap (typically ¼ inch or less) is intentional and designed to pro-actively address any possible warpage in the seat or toilet. When a person sits, the seat flexes, all 4 bumpers touch and the weight is evenly distributed. The mounting posts are made of corrosion-resistant, medical grade stainless steel and are very strong. When the posts are properly inserted some of the post remains visible. The gap between the bumpers and the bowl rim does not put any additional or unintended pressure on the mounting posts or hinges.

Difference in Materials (Plastic vs Wood, Polypropylene vs Eurocast®)

Bath Royale seats are made of 2 types of plastic, 100% pure polypropylene or Eurocast®.

Many people are used to hard, heavy and stiff painted wood seats and think plastic is bad. But for harsh environments, such as bathrooms, high-quality plastic is much better for several reasons. All Bath Royale seats are a solid color throughout and will not chip, peel or fade. In addition to being more sanitary, plastic is chemical- and stain-resistant, extremely durable and longer-lasting than painted wood. For these reasons, plastic is always specified in public restrooms. 

Bath Royale seats are designed and tested to hold 400 pounds (on the closed lid and the seat itself). We conduct a "sway" test which presses one side of the seat, then the other, back and forth 26,000 times with 350 pounds. The seat and cover may flex, but guaranteed not to crack, break or permanently deform.

Polypropylene - Bath Royale’s Executive, Premium and Superior models are made of polypropylene, which is non-porous and the most stain-resistant toilet seat material. We use 100% virgin (not recycled) polypropylene because it is strong and produces a beautify high-gloss finish. Polypropylene is softer and warmer to touch than painted wood or Eurocast®, but may scratch easily so avoid using abrasives and hard sharp objects. 

Eurocast® - Bath Royale’s MasterSuite seats are made of Eurocast®, a high-tech polymer plastic that is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Eurocast® is heavier, harder and stiffer than polypropylene. It is cooler to touch than polypropylene and breathes better against the skin, which may be preferred in warmer, humid climates or for people who spend a lot of time on the toilet. NOTE: Eurocast® is more porous than polypropylene, so it may stain if colored liquids are left on the surface for several days at a time (for example, on the underside of the seat rim, where maintenance is often neglected).

My Seat Flexes

Bath Royale seats are designed and tested to hold 400 pounds (on the seat or the closed lid). We conduct a "sway" test which presses one side of the seat, then the other, back and forth 26,000 times with 350 pounds. The seat and cover may flex, but guaranteed not to crack, break or permanently deform.

If you don't like flex and/or often sit and move around on the closed lid, we recommend our Executive (BR500 Round, BR501 Elongated) and MasterSuite (BR283, BR237 Elongated) seats which are heavier, thicker and stiffer. Slip-resistant bumpers on the seat AND lid are strategically positioned for maximum stability.

My Seat is Too Narrow (BR606, BR631B)

Standard toilet bowls are 14-14.25 inches wide. Bath Royale’s Premium Elongated (BR606) and Premium Family Adult/Child Combo (BR631B) seats have “telescoping” lids that that completely cover the seat (when closed), so the seat itself is only 13.5 inches wide (seat = 13.5 inches wide, lid = 14 inches wide). If your bowl is wider than 14.25 inches, your best choice would be any of our other seats. Our other seats are 14-14.25 inches wide. NOTE: All dimensions are included in the engineering diagrams listed with each seat. 

I Feel Like I’m Going to Fall Inside My Toilet (Seat Contour and/or Flex)

Occasionally, petite, older women who are used to hard, flat wooden seats sometimes don’t like the contour of some plastic seats. If a seat flexes, it can make matters worse.  Suggestions:

  • Change (itself) can be uncomfortable (initially). Sometimes it takes a little time to get used to a new bathroom seat. 
  • Our new Executive seats (BR500 Round, BR501 Elongated) are ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • Bath Royale’s Superior Elongated seat (BR644-00) is flat and slightly wider offering more surface area for sitting.
  • Bath Royale’s MasterSuite seats (BR283 Round, BR237 Elongated) are heavy and stiff with minimal contour.

Slow Close is Too Slow – Can Slow Close Speed Be Adjusted?

No. Closing too slowly? Simply push it closed. Unlike other slow close toilet seats, Bath Royale seats are not affected or damaged by forced closing.

Bath Royale’s 2-year warranty is twice as long as most other brands AND covers the slow close mechanism.

My seat is cracked or broken. What can I do?

If your seat breaks during normal usage and is within the 2-year warranty period, please contact us directly. In most cases, we will replace it at no charge.

Quick Release Not Locking or Releasing

For the Quick Release mechanism to work properly, the mounting bases must be tight and firmly attached to the toilet.

NOTE: If a post is inserted and locks prior to installation, simply push the Quick Release button and pull out the mounting base. (NOTE: It may be necessary to rotate the hinge to see the button and/or release the mounting base.)

The mounting surface of the toilet bowl must be perfectly flat so mounting posts point straight up (not at an angle). Mounting posts must be perfectly aligned with the holes in the seat. To ensure proper alignment, follow the installation instructions step-by-step.

If jammed (one side will not release or lock), it may be possible to un-jam it by removing the seat (with mounting bases attached). Push and hold the Quick Release button while pulling out mounting base. With the mounting base/post  removed, try placing a small amount of household lubricant (1-2 drops of 3-in-1 oil, silicone, grease or petroleum jelly on a Q-tip) into the hole that is not locking/releasing, then re-attach. Push the button repeatedly, open and close the lid and seat between attaching and reattaching to spread the lubricant. NOTE: Force-closing the seat and lid will not hurt the slow close mechanism.

If that doesn’t work, then the mechanism is either damaged or defective and your seat must be replaced. Contact us directly for assistance.

Where can I find a fabric cover that will fit? 

(Sold as part of a bathroom rug set.)
Bath Royale’s hinges are integral (built-in) to the seat and lid, therefore, the overall length may be longer than other seats with external hinges. Any elongated fabric seat cover should fit Bath Royale’s Round seats. If you need a fabric cover for an elongated seat, we recommend not covering your seat because it looks better and cleaner without it. We have not found a fabric cover that will fit our elongated seats. If you find one, please let us know!

Top Mount Toilet Seats

Toilets with Flat Sides, Concealed Trapway or Skirted Bowls Don’t Have Access to Seat Mounting Nuts and Require Top Mount Hardware. (see photo example below).

Bath Royale seats come with bottom mount hardware because it is usually easier to install and more reliable than top mount hardware. If you need top mount hardware, click here

NOTE: Bath Royale’s top mount hardware fits industry standard hole sizes only (5/8 inch diameter).

KOHLER WARNING: Kohler uses 2 different mounting hole sizes, standard 5/8 inch and smaller, 3/8 inch.

If you have the smaller size, you have 2 options:

  • Use existing anchor nuts already installed in your KOHLER toilet seat mounting holes. If the anchors are in good condition (not rusted or corroded), you should be able the screws included with your Bath Royale toilet seat. In this case, you don’t need anything more than what you already have.
  • If the holes do not have anchor nuts already, you will need Kohler’s anchor nuts K-85040 available on Amazon. Search B00D31CCY0 or click link below.

Kohler Anchor Nut K-85040 (2 required):

For more information, I recommend 2 Youtube videos about installing Kohler’s anchor kit.



Kohler’s Toilet Seat Anchor Kit 84999 is available on Amazon, and includes the anchor nuts mentioned above.

Here are links to Bath Royale’s Top Mount Kit: 

And Kohler’s Toilet Seat Anchor Kit 84999: