Cleaning Your Toilet Seat: 8 Things to Know

A pristine and well-functioning throne is essential for any bathroom, whether it’s in your home, at a business or available to the public.

But, you shouldn’t clean a toilet seat the same way you clean a toilet bowl, says Mark Hillman, president of Bath Royale, a family-owned company in Davidson, NC, that makes luxury bathroom accessories. 

Hillman taps into his three decades of design and manufacturing experience with many of the world’s biggest plumbing and home improvement brands to offer recommendations for toilet care.

8 tips for toilet seat cleaning and care

  1. Clean your seat using a soft cloth and mild dishwashing liquid diluted with water. Use diluted multi-surface cleaners or chlorine-free disinfecting wipes. Rinse your seat with a damp cloth and dry with a soft towel.
  2. Don’t use brushes or abrasive cleaners, which can scratch or dull the seat’s surface.
  3. Don’t use aerosols, acid, rubbing alcohol, harsh chemicals or cleaners containing chlorine.
  4. Don’t mix cleaning chemicals.
  5. Don’t submerge the seat in water.
  6. Don’t spray or saturate the mounting bases or hinges as it may cause the mounting bases to slip and your seat to slide out of position.
  7. If using a pump spray, spray the cloth first, then wipe.
  8. To prevent water spots or staining, immediately wipe off colored liquids (urine, blood, diarrhea, etc.), including the sea’s underside where maintenance is often neglected.

Hillman also offers a simple solution for eliminating the disgusting and odor-causing urine and grime left around toilet hinges. “Quick release toilet seats were designed with well-being and cleanliness in mind and are a bathroom product every homeowner should have,” he said. 

“When designing our toilet seats, slow-close and quick release were at the top of our list of must-haves. Bath Royale customers love this feature because they can lift the toilet seat entirely off the bowl, making it easy to wipe and clean it thoroughly.”

Watch our care and cleaning video, then explore our online-exclusive collection of toilet seats and toilet seat parts.