Elongated or Round: What’s the best toilet seat for your bathroom - and bottom?

 While there are industry plumbing standards for toilet seats, not all toilet seats are created equal. There are elongated toilet seats and round ones, with the most significant difference in appearance being the shape of the bowl.

Standard round or elongated seats, such as Bath Royale’s online exclusive collection of toilet seats, will fit any toilet manufacturer’s bowls. And when it comes to selecting which size toilet seat is the best fit for you, it all comes down to your bathroom … and your bottom.

What’s the difference between elongated and round toilet seats?

Elongated vs Round toilet seats

The two seat post holes for the bolts that hold toilet seats in place are 5.5 inches apart. This is typical for most toilets, regardless of shape.

Round bowls are 16.5 inches from seat posts to front of the rim, and extend up to 28 inches from the wall. Because round toilet bowls are circular, they’re more space-efficient and don’t extend as far into the bathroom.

They’re best suited for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms and recreation vehicles. Smaller adults and kids tend to find round seats more comfortable than elongated. Bath Royale’s selection of round seats is slightly less expensive than our elongated options, but both offer superior quality and performance.

Elongated bowls are considered a more modern design. They’re 18.5 inches from the seat posts to the front of the rim. Because they extend up to 31 inches from the wall, they take up more bathroom space and can be restrictive in a smaller bathroom. However, most adults find elongated seats more comfortable than round, and people with mobility issues can stand up from them more easily.

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