From slamming to silence - 5 reasons to purchase soft-close toilet seats

Toilet Seat Slamming - Reasons to purchase soft-close toilet seats

When it comes to annoying sounds and noises, the clatter of a dropping toilet seat (especially when you’re trying to sleep) ranks right up there with chalkboard scratching, whining, snoring and car alarms. Fortunately, there’s an easy and inexpensive solution for loud slamming, cracked toilets and pinched fingers: Soft-close toilet seats.

A Japanese inventor first introduced a device in 1994 to slow the rapid drop of a toilet seat and cover when closing. The hinge damper design allowed toilet seats to close slowly and quietly without assistance.

Now, when many homeowners and renters are selecting a toilet seat, this modern alternative to traditional toilet seats is a must-have. Soft-close is one of the key features of all Bath Royale toilet seats, whether they’re round or elongated.

Benefits of soft-close toilet seats

  1. Soft close seats are not only quiet, they’re nearly impossible to slam. So when little ones use the bathroom and lose their grip when trying to open or close the seat, it won’t make a loud clatter. No noise also means more privacy to do your business. And frequent nighttime bathroom goers don’t have to worry about waking or disturbing sleeping family members or guests.
  2. Many soft-close toilet seats, such as those available online through Bath Royale, are also quick release. This feature allows you to remove the toilet seat completely, making it easy to thoroughly clean and maintain the toilet seat and bowl.
  3. Soft-close minimizes the risk of hands and fingers being injured by or trapped under a heavy toilet seat or one that’s shut with full force.
  4. By absorbing the shock and impact, slow close toilet seats can help minimize toilet bowl (and seat) wear and tear.
  5. Installing (or removing) a soft-close seat is quick and easy - all you need is a screwdriver. Slow-close speeds are set at the factory and not adjustable, but if it’s closely too slowly, simply push it closed. Unlike many other brands, Bath Royale soft close seats are designed to withstand forced closing.

    Key features of Bath Royale toilet seats

    Bath Royale’s luxury bathroom accessories fit all major toilet brands, including Kohler, American Standard and Toto. They also fit non-standard mounting hole spacings, from 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

    In addition to slow-close and quick-release features, every Bath Royale toilet seat purchase includes a two-year warranty - double what most other brands provide.

    Additionally, our online-exclusive products are fully adjustable for a perfect fit and include four bumpers that can withstand 400 pounds on the seat with a close lid. Premium materials, such as polypropylene and Eurocast® high-tech polymer plastic, ensure durability and toilet seats that won’t chip, peel or fade. Explore our Executive, Premium, Superior, and MasterSuite collection of elongated and round toilet seats and choose your perfect fit