Finally -A comfy, well-fitted throne for your Recreational Vehicle

Toilet Seat for RV - Recreational Vehicle


It’s the time of year when couples and families hit the road to enjoy the advantages of RV living, traveling and camping: Expansive views, flexibility, no airport hassles, budget-friendliness, and no worries about crossing your legs and counting the minutes until you find a public restroom.

While life on the road typically doesn’t offer the same amenities as say a hotel, resort or rental property, there’s one luxury RV travelers will never have to go without: An upgraded throne. Not only does Bath Royale’s Premium round toilet seat fit most RV toilets, the slow-close feature means no pinched fingers or loud seat slamming in the middle of the night.

“Bath Royale is a small, family-owned company so we don’t have a broad collection of toilet seats,” said Mark Hillman, president. “Instead, we have a narrow offering of products that we know are of excellent value and have the convenience of being available online.”

Members of the RV community are always looking for and sharing ways to improve their RV experience, Hillman said, and that includes finding a durable and affordably priced toilet seat. “Many of them are delighted with our Premium RV Toilet Seat because it's a high quality, slow-close option that fits most RV toilet bowls and doesn’t cost 80 bucks,” he said.

Product reviews on Amazon back-up that sentient, with comments such as:

- “Easy to install seat. Used it to replace our RV seat that was flimsy. Much more solid seat.”

- “After searching high and low for a decent toilet seat for our fifth wheel, finally found one that fits!”

- “Prompt delivery, reasonable price and a much better product than what it replaced in my RV.”

- “Used this to replace a very flimsy toilet seat in our RV. Quick install, sturdy, and great features.”

- “We installed this in our RV, it’s great and much easier to clean than the one that came with the unit.”

RV full-timers Chad and Tara even highlight the product on their Changing Lanes website. The couple purchased the “great seat” to replace the stock one in their RV, saying the seat was “so good, we have our second seat on the way for the back bathroom!”

Recreational VEhicle Toilet Seat Replacement

 Bath Royale’s Premium RV soft-close toilet seat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene for maximum durability and comfort and feature quick-release for easy cleaning.

Experience our Executive RV toilet seat for yourself.