Toilet Seats: Say hello to soft-close, goodbye to slam-bang

Question: What’s the safest, cleanest and most realistic way to keep your toilet lid and seat from slamming and banging every time it’s closed? 

A: Have ongoing training and pop quizzes for everyone in your household (as well as visitors!) on how to lower the toilet seat and lid gently?  

B: Buy a fabric toilet seat cover that will muffle the sound (but also collect wayward bodily fluids that miss the toilet bowl)?

C: Require small-fingered children and guests to wear mittens while using the bathroom to avoid potential finger smooshing or trapping incidents.  

D: Replace your outdated and noisy toilet seats with slow-close seats and let gravity take care of the rest. 

Toilet Seats: Say hello to soft-close, goodbye to slam-bang

Hello, soft-close toilet seat. Goodbye, slam-bang.

Slow-close toilet seats are not only quieter than traditional styles, but they also minimize the impact on the seat and bowl. Bath Royale offers a limited selection of luxury bathroom accessories designed to make life easier with superior performance, reliability and practical features, such as soft-close and quick release. 

Bath Royale Slow Close Toilet Seats

“For decades, we developed, manufactured and sold plumbing products for many of the world’s leading brands including American Standard, Porcher, Ferguson, The Home Depot and Lowe’s,” said Mark Hillman, who brings that experience directly to customers through Bath Royale, his online-exclusive brand. 

“We’re a family-owned and family-operated business so we’re involved every step of the way, from purchase to installation to product support,” he said. “Our slow-close toilet seat feature is absolutely a customer favorite, and we hear it all the time in our online reviews.”

Hillman noted some people like to close their seat lid before flushing the toilet and want it to close faster; however, the slow close speed is set at the factory and isn’t adjustable. 

“We don’t cut corners. Unlike some other online sellers, our products are designed and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities under the highest quality and industry standards,” he said. 

“So, if you feel the seat is closing too slowly for your liking there’s a simple fix: Push it closed. Bath Royale seats aren’t affected or damaged by forced closing and our 2-year warranty covers the slow close mechanism.”