Kingsport Toilet Seats

    Bath Royale® - Kingsport Toilet Seat

    Our new Kingsport seats have Bath Royale® standard features, plus improvements based on customer feedback. Made of 100% pure (non-recycled) polypropylene, our new seats are heavier and thicker, providing less flex and greater strength.

    The new seats are ergonomically designed for comfort and feature easy-clean, slip-resistant bumpers. 4 recessed lid bumpers provide extra stability for those who like to sit on the closed lid.

    The low-profile mounting bases are solid stainless steel, commercial grade easier to clean around. 90-degree Quick Release (no buttons) makes seat removal easier than ever for thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl which helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. The new seats are available in round and elongated sizes and 3 colors: White, Biscuit/Linen, and Almond/Bone).

    Faucets and Bathroom Accessories

    Bath Royale Kitchen and Bath Faucets Coming Soon!

    Our new line of faucets and bathroom accessories will be available by October 2022.

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