About Us

Where We Started

Bath Royale emerged as a visionary brand under the guidance of its founder, Mark Hillman, who brought with him a three-decade legacy in the bath fixture industry. Armed with unparalleled expertise, Hillman’s original vision was centered around a crucial element often overlooked in the bathroom —the toilet seat.

about bath royale

Embracing both functionality and refined design, Mark got to work, and the Bath Royal brand was officially launched in 2014. With Mark’s expert lead, each product was –and still is– meticulously built using high-quality materials, resulting in unparalleled durability, making them a valuable investment compared to competitor offerings, many of which are uncomfortable, difficult to clean and likely to crack, break or discolor over time. 

We firmly believe that a steadfast dedication to product safety and quality is not just a responsibility; it is a moral imperative. All Bath Royal seats not only adhere to, but often exceed code requirements, ensuring that every product is thoroughly tested and listed with governing agencies, leaving us fully responsible for the ultimate quality and safety of our offerings as we raise the bar on industry standards.

Where We Are Today

After our seats garnered over 7,000 glowing reviews –that's 7,000 delighted derrieres!-- we began expanding our offerings to bring consumers the same blend of quality, style and value with other bathroom products such as faucets, showers, and hardware, as well as a similar line of products for the kitchen.

In a marketplace where differentiation is key, Bath Royale stands tall on four pillars of distinction: product quality, unmatched expertise, our unequivocal status as a USA-based company and our commitment to offering unrivaled customer support. Our dedicated team stands on the front lines every day, ready to provide exceptional service and support to you, our customers. 

Considering the average person spends 2.5 years of their life in the bathroom, we firmly believe this space should be a sanctuary, meticulously and thoughtfully crafted for enhanced functionality and comfort while complementing every phase of life and style. We can’t wait for you to experience the Bath Royale difference.