How to Choose a Toilet Seat

Round vs. Elongated Toilet Seats

Per North American plumbing standards, toilets are either round or elongated (oval or oblong).

Measure your toilet, not your toilet seat, determine if you need a round or elongated toilet seat.

Measure from the seat mounting holes to the front, top edge of the bowl.
(see diagram)

Elongated bowls = 18.5 inches,

Round bowls = 16.5 inches.

Check out our article on Measuring your Toilet Seat.

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How to Measure your Toilet Bowl - How to Measure a Toilet Seat

Toilet Seat Materials


Bath Royale’s Executive, Premium, and Superior models are made of polypropylene, a softer plastic that is lighter and more flexible than other toilet seat materials. It’s beautiful, high-gloss finish will last for years with proper care and cleaning, but scratches relatively easily (avoid abrasives and hard sharp objects). Polypropylene is softer and warmer to touch than painted wood or Eurocast®.


Eurocast® - Bath Royale’s MasterSuite seats are made of Eurocast®, a high-tech polymer plastic that is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Eurocast is heavier, harder and stiffer than polypropylene. Eurocast is cooler to touch than polypropylene and breathes better against the skin, which may be preferred in warmer, humid climates or for people who spend a lot of time on the toilet. 

Toilet Seat Materials

Toilet Seat Color Options

Most Bath Royale seats are available in three colors: White, Biscuit/Linen, and Almond/Bone.

Biscuit/Linen matches Kohler’s Biscuit, American Standard’s Linen, Toto’s Sedona Beige, and Mansfield's Antique Lace. Other brands that match Biscuit/Linen include Briggs, Eljer, and Gerber.

Almond/Bone matches Kohler’s Almond, American Standard’s Bone, Toto’s Bone, Universal Rundle's Mushroom, and Norris' Ivory. Other brands matching Almond/Bone include Artesian, Briggs, Crane, Gerber, Kilgore, Mansfield, and Peerless.

Do not try to match online photos, images, or color swatches with your toilet; colors appear differently on all screens, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and TVs. Please confirm your toilet’s brand and actual color name before ordering.

Still not sure? Contact us (include your mailing address) and we'll send you a color swatch card to match with your toilet so you can order with confidence, and avoid return shipping fees.

Choosing Toilet Seat Colors