Split Wingnut Help

Watch Our Troubleshooting Video to Help Installing the Split Wing Nut

Recently, some of our customers have experienced issues with the cone-shaped split wing nuts. If not threaded properly, the wing nuts may strip or break.

IMPORTANT: The split wing nuts work on a "wedge" principal. For final tightening, the tips must be centered in the underside of the mounting hole.

Split Wing Nut Installation Tips:

  • DO NOT turn the wing nuts. Instead, turn the screw from the top with a Phillips head screwdriver. Briefly hold in position and turn screw from the top with your other hand.
  • If not tightening, move the wing nut around while pushing upward until you feel the tips slip into the hole. As the screw turns, the points of the wing nut are squeezed tighter and tighter into the mounting hole.
  • You can find our split wing nut installation guide here: Split Wingnut Installation Guide
  • NOTE: The gray split wing nut was recently re-tooled with stronger material, deeper threads and tighter tips. Replacement wing nuts are available and are highly unlikely to strip or break.
  • NOTE: If the mounting holes in your toilet are not industry standard (round and 5/8 inch in diameter) the split wing nut will not work. We recommend using our "Original" mounting hardware.