Executive Toilet Seat


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Our best toilet seat. Heavy duty & smart design.

  • Heavier and thicker, stain-resistant polypropylene will not chip, peel or fade.
  • Slip-resistant bumpers on seat & lid for stability.
  • Attractive low-profile stainless steel mounting bases.
  • Easy to clean and seat stays firmly in place.
  • Slow-Close prevents pinched fingers and slamming.
  • Quick-Release for easy cleaning.
  • Models available for Round & Elongated bowls.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Fits all toilet brands*.
Before you order, measure your toilet bowl to determine if you need a Round Elongated toilet seat.

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Executive Toilet Seat Overview

  • Made of 100% pure, non-recycled polypropylene; The most stain-resistant toilet seat material available.
  • Heavy Duty–Heavier and thicker than other polypropylene toilet seats. Stronger and less flex.
  • Longer-lasting than painted wood; solid color throughout, that will not chip, peel, or fade
  • Tested to 400 lbs (on seat and closed lid), with 4 non-slip bumpers to evenly distribute weight
  • 90 degree quick release. Helps keep bathroom smelling fresh and clean by eliminating difficult to reach areas.

IMPORTANT: Before you order, measure your toilet bowl to determine if you need a ROUND or ELONGATED toilet seat!

* Bath Royale Toilet Seats fit most toilets including: Kohler, American Standard, Toto, Crane, Eljer, Caroma, etc. (Also fits toilets with non-standard mounting hole spacings 4.5 - 6.5 inches.). Toilets with concealed trapway (AKA, flat sides or skirted bowl) require top mount anchors (sold separately). See our Parts section for more information.

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James F.
United States
the best toilet seat I ever bought

For a couple months I had been shopping for new toilet seats as I have two bathrooms. I was looking for a toilet seat that was at once, secure to the toilet, sturdy, durable and elegant. On the Saturday of Memorial Day 5/29/21, after visiting Home Depot and not finding what I was looking for in a toilet seat, I was doing another internet search for toilet seats and happened upon the Bath Royale site. I called the number listed on the site and really didn't expect anyone to answer being it was a holiday weekend and all, but Marc did answer and we talked. Now, just too clarify, in the past I have always bought major brand toilet seats, the last being Kohler. My previous toilet seats were made of either plastic or wood but no matter the material they were unable to be secured to the toilet in a way that kept them from shimmying and sliding underneath you as you sat. They always slid and shimmied around on the toilet rim because their attaching hardware wasn't up to the task. And their attaching hardware wasn't up to the task because the toilet seat itself wasn't made to a standard that was sturdy and durable enough to stand up to strong attaching hardware. To the point, I have big people in my family, and they use my bathrooms when they visit. My old toilet seats were okay for the most part but wouldn't last because of the shimmying and sliding. Eventually the seat itself would crack and the hinges would break, I was fed up with it all and wanted to find a toilet seat that didn't have these issues. And then I found Bath Royale toilet seats. The issue of shimmying and sliding won't be problem with these toilet seats. These seats are sturdy and durable. In fact they are the most secure seats I've ever attached to a toilet. The seats don't slide or shimmy because of the hardware that's included for attaching the seat to the toilet itself. And, the seats themselves are more than sturdy enough to handle that hardware. The installation was easy and straight forward and these seats are not only the most secure seats I've ever attached to a toilet, they're also very comfortable to sit on. You can feel how well made these seats are when you hold them in your hands. These seats are also very very elegant. When I installed them, my bathrooms suddenly looked like they had a face lift. The old dingy seats were gone and the new "Executive Toilet Seats" were installed. It was a small and simple upgrade but that upgrade seemed to make the whole room more elegant. So, I would heartily recommend these toilet seats for anyone and everyone that wants or needs new toilet seats. You won't ever be sorry about your purchase of these toilet seats. Instead, you'll know you made the right decision purchasing these seats as soon as you hold them in your hands. On an aside, I want to thank Marc for taking the time to talk with me on that Saturday afternoon of the holiday weekend. It was late afternoon and when I called Bath Royal I really didn't expect anyone to answer the phone. But, Marc did answer and I was able to explain to him what I wanted in new toilet seats. Seats that wouldn't shimmy or slide when sat on and seats that would be sturdy enough for someone over 300 lbs. He was gracious enough to educate me about toilet seats, he told me he was an expert in field of toilet seats and that Bath Royale was created from that passion. That Bath Royal was always looking to better their toilet seats from the feedback of their customers. Listening to him, I was at once enlightened and happily satisfied with what I learned from and I bought the Executive toilet seats on the spot. Thank you Marc for taking your time to talk with me and for the information you shared with me. your friend, James Forger

Cindy C.
United States United States
Excellent customer service!

Great. Easy installation smooth surfaces and simple to clean. The top mount hardware made it a breeze to install, definitely a plus.

Dawn W.
United States United States
great seat

boy what a difference with our old seat, and i love the self closing feature