Built to Last: Durable Toilet Seats

When hitting the head, there are two things that should be hard-wearing: The toilet paper and the toilet seat. While Bath Royale can’t offer much help in the paper department, we can offer the best seat in the house.

Bath Royale’s online-exclusive collection of luxury bathroom accessories are 100 percent tested, registered and certified to meet or exceed all plumbing codes and standards. At the North Carolina-based manufacturing facility, production team members ensure superior performance by conducting “sway” tests on all toilet seats.

“We’re determined to maintain our online reputation as having the best-rated toilet seats. One way we do that is pressing one side of the seat, then the other, back and forth,” said Mark Hillman, Bath Royale president. “We perform this test 26,000 times with 400 pounds. While the seat and cover may flex, we promise it won’t crack, break or permanently deform.”

Durable toilet seat materials

Bath Royale’s Premium and Superior models are made of polypropylene, a softer plastic warmer to touch, lighter and more flexible than other toilet seat materials. With proper care and cleaning, the beautiful, high-gloss finish will last for years. (Tip: Avoid scratches by using only nonabrasive cleaners and soft brushes or cloths.)

Those who don’t like the feel or flex of polypropylene may prefer Eurocast, a heavier and harder material used to make Bath Royale’s MasterSuite seats. This high-tech polymer plastic is highly durable, scratch-resistant and doesn’t flex like polypropylene.

Additionally, it’s cooler to touch than polypropylene and breathes better against the skin. Eurocast is the best choice for people who spend a lot of time on the toilet or live in warmer, humid climates.

Additionally, MasterSuite seats have slip-resistant bumpers for stability - a beneficial feature for those who are heavier or like to sit and move around on the closed cover.

More than 30 years of experience goes into the design and production of Bath Royale’s luxury bathroom products and accessories.

Watch our brief video to learn more about the importance of toilet seat durability.