Premium Toilet Seat


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  • Fits all toilet brands*
  • Slow-Close prevents pinched fingers and slamming
  • Quick-Release for easy cleaning
  • Heavy-duty for durable comfort
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Models Available for Round or Elongated bowls
  • Parts included

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Premium Toilet Seat Overview

  • Made of 100% pure, non-recycled polypropylene; beautiful high-gloss, non-porous finish
  • Longer-lasting than painted wood; solid color throughout, that will not chip, peel, or fade
  • Tested to 400 lbs (on seat and closed lid), with 4 non-slip bumpers to evenly distribute weight
  • 1-Button Quick-Release - Press button, raise seat and lift off for thorough cleaning
  • Available in three colors: White, Biscuit/Linen, and Almond/Bone

IMPORTANT: Before you order, measure your toilet bowl to determine if you need a ROUND or ELONGATED toilet seat!

NOTE: Bath Royale’s BR606 Elongated Premium seat has a telescoping lid that completely covers the seat when closed, however the seat ring itself is only 13.5 inches wide. If your toilet bowl is wider than standard 14 – 14.25 inches, we recommend Bath Royale's Superior BR644 or MasterSuite BR237 seats because they are wider, with traditional lids that stack evenly over the seat. (See engineering drawings below for specific dimensions.)

Toilet Seat Colors: Bath Royale’s colors match the industry’s most popular toilet colors including Kohler, American Standard, Toto and many others.

Biscuit/Linen matches Kohler’s Biscuit, American Standard’s Linen and Toto’s Sedona Beige.

Almond/Bone is darker than Biscuit/Linen and matches Kohler’s Almond and American Standard’s Bone.

Still not sure? Contact us or email us at (include your mailing address) and we'll send you color swatch cards at no charge, to compare to your toilet.

Bath Royale toilets seats fit all toilets including those with non-standard mounting hole spacings (4.5 - 6.5 inches.).

Toilets with concealed trapway (AKA, flat sides or skirted bowl) require top mount anchors (sold separately).

NOTE: Bath Royale toilet seats are NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BIDETS OR RISERS that install between seat and bowl.

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Customer Reviews

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Ruben Cortez
Perfect Fit

After several trips to big box home improvement stores. I finally found toilet seat that fits Thetford RV toilet bowl perfectly..

Ernest Simpson

very good

Joshua Solomon
Great seat

Perfect for our elongated corner toilet. It was very easy to install and easy to take on and off to clean.

Chuck Zopfi
The best seat

This is my third seat from Bath Royal. They are such fine quality and last forever. So easy to push a button and remove for cleaning. Very sturdy and high quality.

Robert Foley
High quality RV replacement Thetford Magic Style 2 ceramic

Took hours researching to find high quality RV replacement seat. This is it!!!! For porcelain Thetford Magic II. Round style